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KICS is a Christ-centered, U.S. accredited non-profit school that offers children of all nationalities and religions an education similar to that offered by schools in the USA. KICS is a fully accredited member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA), and is endorsed by the Rwandan Ministry of Education as a sound educational institution.

Today, KICS has more than 315 students from 26 nationalities. The student body includes expatriate and national families living and working in Kigali in various industries. Many families work with embassies, multinationals, NGOs, mission agencies, churches and private businesses.

KICS is also the official site for U.S. College Board exams such as AP (Advanced Placement) and other U.S university entrance exams such as the PSAT, SAT and ACT.


The mission at KICS is to provide a Christcentered, U.S. accredited primary and secondary education that challenges students to excel academically and live out a biblical worldview.


The vision of KICS is to impact the world for Christ by preparing servant leaders who choose character before career, wisdom beyond scholarship, service above self, and a lifestyle of participation over apathy.


Servant Leadership: We believe each person at KICS should live in a way that models the servant leadership of Christ. Christ-Centered: At KICS, we seek to live out a biblical worldview that believes and articulates that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the only way to have eternal life for all who believe.

Global Family: Each person created is an image bearer of God. At KICS, we value the diversity of creation by God the Father over all people, from every country and culture. As such, KICS values and respects the global nature of our family that comes from various countries of the world and is sent out to various countries of the world.

Customization: At KICS we value that each student is an individual and we desire to help each student grow into the unique gifts, skills and talents God has placed inside of them.

Lifelong Learners: At KICS we desire for each student to grow in the areas of critical thinking and problem solving for all areas of life.


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Dr. Benjamin Thomas
Q&A with Dr. Benjamin Thomas

An Indian-American born and raised in New York, Dr. Thomas and his family moved to Kigali in 2014 to serve at Kigali International Community School.

He has a Doctorate of Ministry in Global Christianity & Development and a MA in Christian Education from Gordon–Conwell Theological Seminary, as well as a BA in Economics from Hobart College. Thomas has 15 years of leadership experience and is serving his 4th year at KICS.

Prior to his service at KICS, Dr. Thomas served with Athletes in Action, an international sports ministry that has leaders spread out in over 60 countries. Dr. Thomas served as the Global Director of Athletes in Action, focusing on their work outside the US.

Kindly take us through the history of KICS.

The vision for Kigali International Community School (KICS) began in November 2005 as Christian expatriate families came together to seek answers for their children’s educational needs.

KICS officially started in 2006 in a home with 7 students and 3 staff. Every year since, KICS has grown in student body, staff, resources and facilities. Most recently, KICS renovated part of its campus to allow student body growth and to update its science lab and information technology classroom to state of the art facilities.

KICS has established itself as a leader in education as it continues to grow year after year.

How does your education differ from other international schools in Kigali?

Everything we do is rooted in our vision and mission statements. They serve as our guide in every aspect of the school.

KICS teachers teach from a Biblical worldview, and are trained in current North American best teaching practices. Teachers aim to educate students in age-appropriate inquiry-based learning, emphasizing critical thinking and problem solving.

In Primary, students develop cognitive and emotional skills as they grow in self-confidence. In Secondary, students learn to craft their worldview, focus their interests and talents, and grow their academic skills in preparation for admission to the world’s finest universities.

Outside classroom walls, we also offer many extracurricular activities including Model United Nations, science club, photography and fine arts, piano lab and multiple sports.

Whether your student is at KICS for one year or their entire preparatory education, our goal is that they would leave with an individualized experience and a deeper sense of service and leadership.

Which universities have KICS graduates gone on to attend?

KICS graduates have attended over 16 universities around the world, including Pepperdine University & Wheaton College in the US and many more; Yale University of Singapore; and University of British Columbia, Trinity Western University and several others in Canada.

What are the criteria for admission at KICS?

The Admissions Committee evaluates each applicant from a holistic perspective, including school records, age, test results, and overall personal dynamic. Ultimately, the Committee’s goal is to get to know each student and how KICS can best support and serve them individually.

New enrollment is limited each year, and early admission begins in January.

What if a student is a non-native English speaker?

KICS has a dedicated Learning Support department that serves non-native English speakers, as well as students with learning disabilities. However, space is limited as we can only accept students that we have the resources and capacity to support.

Lastly, KICS has just started its second decade, would you share your vision for KICS for the next 10 to 20 years?

Our motto for this decade at KICS is “His vision, Our future.”

When I imagine KICS 20 years from now, I envision the full integration of academic excellence, spiritual growth and cultural intelligence being modeled, discovered and taught. I picture KICS as a spiritual greenhouse that sends forth servantleaders, who live out God’s message of grace, love, and truth daily in their careers and personal lives.

In 20-30 years, I visualize a future where KICS will continue to expand the vision of education in Rwanda, East Africa and the Continent. KICS is in the process of acquiring land to build a new, world-class facility that will not only include core academic buildings but also a fine arts center, a learning support center, an integrative computer technology center, a global leadership center and a sports center.

We are excited for the next 20 years at KICS as we believe God is continuing to take us on a journey of growth and excellence.


For more information about KICS, please e-mail to or visit

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  • Posted 3rd January 2018


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