Nakumatt Rwanda celebrates President Kagame’s re-election

Regional retailer Nakumatt Holdings, through Nakumatt Rwanda, is proud to join the people of Rwanda in the celebration of President Paul Kagame’s re-election. As private company, Nakumatt Rwanda has enjoyed immense support from Rwanda Government and its respective line agencies. The foreign investment support provided by the government has allowed us to maintain a steady growth since 2008, when we first opened the doors to Nakumatt UTC.

In more than eight years, we have grown to a three-branch strong retail network, primarily operating in Kigali and providing world-class retail services. Plans to open our fourth branch in Remera are at an advanced stage, as we seek to further enhance our local footprint.

At Nakumatt, we remain committed to the aspirations of the Rwandan nation and will continue to deepen the value of the regional formal retail trade. Deepening of the regional formal retail trade space through branch expansions, and stocking of commodities sources from the region, will play a key role in fostering meaningful regional integration. Such continued expansion programs will also facilitate the creation of formal employment opportunities.

The global formal retail market will continue to provide human resource opportunities, as the sector continues to expand on Omni channels, including online platforms.

From Rwanda into Kenya, Nakumatt is considering the regional importation of popular products such as Arabica coffee, Macadamia oil, Akabanga hot chili sauce, Sabana chili sauce, and Nyungwe honey. Such unique Rwanda-made products are now stocked in all Nakumatt branches in Kenya. Similar initiatives will be undertaken to ensure the stocking of unique products from other East African countries within the Nakumatt network.

Nakumatt opened its first supermarket (Nakumatt UTC) in Rwanda in 2008, followed by a hypermarket outlet (Nakumatt KCT) in 2011, and Nakumatt Kagugu late last year, and has continued to enjoy steady growth in the fast developing nation. Under the leadership of President Kagame, Rwanda has enjoyed progressive growth and international recognition for national development. In the East African region, Rwanda is undoubtedly a model country that continues to attract positive mention for the strides it is making.

On our part, we have continued to play a partnership role, helping advance Rwanda’s formal retail agenda.

Looking back, we have helped set the foundation for a vibrant formal retail market through payments to the Exchequer, skills transfer, local supplier partnerships, and product development efforts. Our assurance to President Kagame and the people of Rwanda is that we shall continue to play a key role in facilitating national development.

Thanking you

Adan Ramata Country Manager



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  • By Hope Magazine
  • Posted 25th September 2017


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